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  1. Minamoto Michi

    Пандемия Коронавируса

    https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/coronavirus-more-striking-evidence-bcg-vaccine-might-protect-against-covid-19-1.4222110?mode=amp "... A study of 178 countries by an Irish medical consultant working with epidemiologists at the University of Texas in Houston shows countries with vaccination programmes – including Ireland – have far fewer coronavirus cases by a factor 10, compared to where BCG programmes are no longer deployed. This translates into a death rate up to 20-times less, according to urologist Paul Hegarty of the Mater Hospital, Dublin. Their “correlation” study, expected to be published shortly by PLOS journal, is largely a statistical one and comes with caveats because of possibility of confounding factors. But it is more comprehensive than an initial one conducted in New York, which prompted a scaling up of clinical trials on people with Covid-19. To reduce the possibility of error, the researchers re-evaluated cases during the course of the pandemic and made country-by-country comparisons including between Ireland and the UK, Mr Hegarty said. “We did not expect to see such a marked difference.” “Over the 15 days, incidence of Covid-19 was 38 per million in countries with BCG vaccination whereas the incidence of Covid-19 was 358 per million in the absence of such a programme. The death rate was 4.28 per million in countries with BCG programmes and 40 per million in countries without such a programme,” he added. ..."
  2. Minamoto Michi


    https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-encouraging-international-support-recovery-use-space-resources/ https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/4315969#id1046070 "...Трамп подписал указ о коммерческой добыче ресурсов на Луне и других небесных телах. Власти не будут рассматривать космическое пространство в качестве всеобщего достояния человечества. «У американцев должно быть право на коммерческое исследование, добычу и использование ресурсов в космическом пространстве… США не рассматривают его в качестве всеобщего достояния..."
  3. Minamoto Michi

    Death Stranding

  4. Minamoto Michi

    Harry Potter

    Тут ещё стоит учесть, что тут, как и в любом другом постапоке, наблюдается вырождение и деградация. С попутными повреждениями всего, структуры и традиций факультетов, в частности.
  5. Minamoto Michi

    Пандемия Коронавируса

    Бриты жгут. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-52164358 "... Mobile phone mast fires are being investigated amid conspiracy theories claiming a link between 5G and coronavirus. There have been fires at masts in Birmingham, Liverpool and Melling in Merseyside. A video, allegedly of the blaze in Aigburth, was shared on YouTube and Facebook, claiming a link between the mobile technology and Covid-19. Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove said it was "dangerous nonsense". The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said on Twitter "there is absolutely no credible evidence" of a link, while trade body Mobile UK said such rumours and conspiracy theories were "concerning". ..."
  6. Minamoto Michi

    Угар и Глум!

  7. Minamoto Michi


    Очередной день карантина. Чужой косплеит стол.
  8. Minamoto Michi


    Скайп заявил многоточечные веб-видеоконфы без регистрации и установки софта. https://www.skype.com/ru/free-conference-call/
  9. Minamoto Michi

    Угар и Глум!

    А ведь и правда...
  10. Minamoto Michi

    Игровой юмор

  11. Minamoto Michi

    Пандемия Коронавируса

    [шепчет] Товарищ Ким, перелогиньтесь!
  12. Minamoto Michi

    Угар и Глум!

    "Ну, Генааа, хватит бухать со Спайдерменом! Пойдем домоой!"
  13. Minamoto Michi

    Пандемия Коронавируса

    Всего десять дней запаздывания. https://www.bbc.com/russian/features-51872045 https://www.bbc.com/russian/news-52012707 https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/