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    Вероятность меня - около 40%.
  2. "Лунная Радуга" "Акванавты" «Корона Солнца» «Чердак Вселенной» «Неуловимый прайд» https://www.litmir.me/a/?id=1874
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    Брешут? https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/apr/18/barcelona-school-removes-200-sexist-childrens-books "... Several schools across Barcelona are considering purging their libraries of stereotypical and sexist children’s books, after one removed around 200 titles, including Little Red Riding Hood and the story of the legend of Saint George, from its library. The Tàber school’s infant library of around 600 children’s books was reviewed by the Associació Espai i Lleure as part of a project that aims to highlight hidden sexist content. The group reviewed the characters in each book, whether or not they speak and what roles they perform, finding that 30% of the books were highly sexist, had strong stereotypes and were, in its opinion, of no pedagogical value. These included several versions of the stories about Little Red Riding Hood and Saint George, a popular read at Catalonia’s celebration of the Diada de Sant Jordi on 23 April. The books were removed, with less stereotypeheavy versions of the stories remaining on shelves. According to Associació Espai i Lleure, if young children see “strongly stereotypical” depictions of relationships and behaviours in what they read, they will consider them normal. Anna Tutzó, a parent who is on the commission that reviewed the books, told El País that “society is changing and is more aware of the issue of gender, but this is not being reflected in stories”. Masculinity is associated with competitiveness and courage, and “in violent situations, even though they are just small pranks, it is the boy who acts against the girl”, which “sends a message about who can be violent and against whom”. El País reported that other schools in Barcelona are reconsidering the contents of their libraries, with Montseny school planning to remove those it believes to be sexist, and Fort Pienc school’s parents’ association setting up a gender-equality commission to review books. ..."
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    Russki cosplay
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    Макрон говорил, что всё восстановят.
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    Нотр Дам Де Пари всё. Министр ВД сделал заявление, что здание спасти не удастся.
  9. Нанесен очередной финансовый удар по зарубежным магнатам. https://ria.ru/20190412/1552643788.html
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    С днем космонавтики!